Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My fall table

Centsational girl is hosting a great linky party today all about fall table decor.  She has invited other bloggers to join in the fun so I thought that I would.  You can find her here.  I had so much fun putting my table together, and it looked so pretty I almost wanted to spend the day cooking a turkey dinner.  Then reality set in that I have no time!  I wish that I could do this stuff all day everyday.  Is anybody looking for a professional table setter?  Anyhow on to the good stuff, here is what I have.

Okay, to get this look I shopped my house.  The table runner I got last year from our favorite Pottery Barn (LOVE).  The placemats are from my mother.  The table setting is my ordinary everyday stuff.  I kinda hate the napkins on this table but it is what I had so it is what it is!  I think someone will be shopping for new napkins in the near future.  Not pointing any fingers (insert finger pointing at myself) soooo...  Something to look forward too.  The rest of it is candle holders that I already had.  Some small gourds that I picked up at the Wally world, and some acorns that I had my boys pick up at the park for me.

This table setting is so much prettier in real life that in the pictures (mostly because my picture taking skills stink) it is really making me happy.  Though it will probably only last about .3 seconds because my boys are curious and destroy everything.  But I will always have the pictures and the memories :)

I also followed Laylas lead and added acorns to my candle holders.  Loving the look!!  However I must caution you not to decide that you need to replace the candles inside at the very end of everything.  I originally had flameless candles in there (you know more practical with little people) but then I thought they looked too...fake..duh.  So after I had already lit all of the other candles on the table, I decided to pull them out and replace them with real candles.  When I pulled them out all the acorns fell into the hole and I had to fight with those while getting my arms burnt by fifty two little flames.  I know I am brilliant!  Anyhow I hope you like it...I do!  If this is your first time here, Thanks for coming!!  Feel free to leave a comment, it makes me so excited to know that I am not talking to myself here!!

I will post my 31 days later when I get back from cleaning my mothers house...YAY!  Have a great day!

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