Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days to a Better Me day 31

WAHOO, we made it 31 Days of me rambling!!!  Thanks for sticking with me.

I did learn a lot from writing a post everyday for 31 days:

I should have chosen a topic to write about that I am passionate about.  I am passionate about my house, design, and beautiful things.  Not so passionate about improving me.

I got great practice at posting often, I think that it will make my blog better.

My blogging skill base has increased 10 fold.  A month ago I had no idea how to do anything.  Now I can do a lot of nifty blogging stuff.

I am now in the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere.  Not only am I prepared for bloggy inspiration, but I am getting a ton of beautiful pics of my kids.

So today for my last idea for me becoming a better me, I am going to take a nap!

I am exhausted by all of the seeming constant blogging, so today I am taking it easy and taking a nap.  Becoming a better me!

I want you to know that the things that I talked about this month I really took to heart.  I am still working on all them.  I just appreciate all of you who stayed with me on this journey!!

I told you that I would show you all of my minions together today, so here they are.  We went to Trunk or Treat at church last night and the "Minions" were a big hit.

Thanks so much for reading!!  Feel free to leave me a comment, I'll try and read them before my nap.  If not I will read them when I get up!! :)