Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 Days to a Better Me Day 2

My 31 days are dedicated to becoming a better me.  That was actually inspired by the fact that I will be going to a womens conference the first weekend of November.  I have to tell you that I get incredibly intimidated by other women.  I always feel like I am being judged about my clothes, my hair, whatever, (am I kthe only one that feels this way?) so I decided that I would like to shed a little extra (if you know what I mean) by then.  So for the next month I thought that I would be a little healthier.  Then I thought about this series and thought "what else could I do to make myself a little better of a person.

So topic of day 2 is:

Take a Walk

Get the dog, grab a kid, your neighbor, or if you need a little quiet time go by yourself, but just go.  I find that the more into blogs I become the more I find myself sitting not moving.  Don't get me wrong I am not giving reading the blogs, but I am going to make time everyday to get my body moving.  This could include cleaning the house, I don't know about you but I work up a sweat when I clean.  Anything that gets you up and moving counts.  I think that when you are physically active you feel better, things bother you less, and your butt will look better.  Who doesn't love that.  The Inspired Room has a giveaway for some plush pumpkins right now that are rumored to have weight loss abilities (you know because they are so plush you rub them all day) .  I don't know if they count, but you can decide for yourself! 

So put down the laptop (after you finish reading and leaving me a comment ;) and go for a walk.  It may help you become a better you!

Thank You so much for stopping by, please come again you have no idea how excited it makes me!
Sorry I am posting so late, but cut me some slack I have 3 kids and it IS before midnight (which is probably when I will be sewing Boy Scout patches on for school tomorrow :)


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