Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas House Tour.

Welcome to my home.  I have been working tirelessly on the Christmas decor and I am pretty happy with how my house is shaping up this year.

I do have to apologize for the picture quality.  It was very cloudy today, so I thought that the pictures might turn out better if I took them in the evening....clearly that was not the best choice to make.  But you live and you learn right!  So these are best images that point and shoot will give me. 

I have focused on a few areas to show you, first I want to show you my table area. 

I started my tablescape by forcing some paper white bulbsto bloom in some glass containers.  Then I made a table runner, and finally added some candles.
 The windows behind the table looked like they needed a little Christmas cheer so I made some simple wreaths by wiring fresh greens together.  I intentionally left them a little skimpy because I wanted them to look like homemade wreaths from the past.  Or I was lazy...but I am going with the first!!
 I was really excited with how they turned out!  I just tied them to the curtain rod with some grosgrain ribbon.
 This is the table runner that I made.  It took hours and a bazillion fabric circles...I am still a little dazed from making it.  So that is all that I have to say about that. (Insert Forest Gump voice)

I decorated the top of an antique desk with some old Reed and Barton silver bells that depict the 12 days of Christmas.  This is actually a life long Christmas tradition for me.  My grandmother bought two sets of these silver bells, one for her and one for my mother.  Every year I loved to get out the set of bells and put them in order and on display.  Sadly a few years ago my grandmother passed away and I inherited her set of silver bells.

 I also decorated the top of the TV armoire.   I have been busy making faux mercury glass and I seemed to be grouping them on the top of the armoire. I also placed pictures that usually live on the fireplace mantel, lights and more fresh greenery.
My Christmas color scheme is really just gold, silver and white. I think that the color combo is so classic and sophisticated.

I love to come down the stairs at night because it sparkles and twinkle!!  Is there any more magical time of the year then Christmas?  I think not.

Finally I decorated my mantel. I am probably the most crazy about how it turned out.  I got all different taper holders.  Some were glass and the rest I made silver with spray paint. 

 This little tip I learned from Melissa at the Inspired Room, that sparkly vase filler is Epsom Salt.  Love It!
My mantel is simply enchanting at night the way that the lights sparkle up through the greenery and the glass and silver taper holder.  I am in love!!

Thanks so much for joining me in my Christmas Home tour!!  Feel free to leave me a comment, makes me feel all sparkly!
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  1. Love the candlesticks!

  2. White candles, hurricanes and twinkling lights - so nice!

  3. The candlesticks on your mantel look lovely, I like how you have put greenery in front of your fireplace.

  4. I love all the sparkle and the grouping of candles on the mantel. So pretty. Merry Christmas