Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

So there are a few trees that live at my house this year.  I have a "pretty tree" in the living room, this one is live and holds all of the ornaments that are precious to me.  The colors of my "pretty tree are white, gold, and silver, you know to match the rest of my christmas decor.

I also have a family tree which is also color coordinated in colors chocolate, green, and red.  This tree lives in the basement and is meant to be a little more fun and kid friendly...I still want it to be color coodinated though (control much?  I am working on it)  The problem is that in my life I want everything to be pretty and color matching and sophisticated, I have a hard time letting go.  I am working on it, maybe there is a color coordinated support group or something?

There is also the most adorable tree that lives in my oldest sons room.  He made all of the ornaments and even bought the tree with his own money.  It may be my most favorite tree in the house, and also the one that I had the least amount of input on....hmmmm, food for thought she said to herself.

I want to share my "pretty tree" and my sons tree with you today.

As long as I can remember as a child my grandmother gave me an engraved gold ornament that had my name and the year on it.  I still treasure these every year when I hang them on the tree and think of Christmas past and also of my late grandmother.  She made Christmas so special.
This cloisonne ornament is my favorite ornament on the tree. 

 This is my newest ornaments.  Nothing says Christmas like sparkly plastic pinecones!
 Letter H for my last name, I can't help myself.  I would monogram the whole world if I were allowed...can I get an AMEN?
This is a homemade ornament that I made.  It is white feathers that are hot glued to a plastic ornament, it is kinda fun.  Pretty sure at point I can clearly declare my addiction to hot glue.
 This is my mercury glass tree topper, I have had it for years and love it.  I got it at....wait for it....of all places.....Wal-Mart.  I know right?
 Finally here she is from above.  Am I the only one that doesn't worry that much about the back of the tree?  I mean it is against a wall. 
 This is my sons adorable little tree.

Complete with Charlie Brown tree star that no matter how you fuss with it will always lean off to one side.  How cute is that.

Like I said he made all of it by himself with things that he found.  I think that it is so cute and creative that I just had to share it with you.  All of the ornaments are figures from the nativity.

Thanks so much for coming by to take a look at my Christmas tree 2011.  Feel free to leave me a comment, it is such a wonderful surprise in my inbox.

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