Thursday, January 19, 2012

I want to stencil...

I have two bathrooms that I have been dying to change.  Well actually I have been dying to change all three of the bathrooms in my house.  All three are on the to-do list for this year, but I only want to stencil in two of them.  Okay... the actual number of bathrooms that get stenciled ultimately depends on the ease or difficulty of the process.  I may find that I love the monotonous work of stencilling in which case they may all get it, then again I may find that I hate and stop immediately and paint over it.  Nevertheless I have big ideas.

I think that I want to start in the basement bathroom.  This room is also the laundry room and crafting room.  The fact that I primarily craft in there is kind of funny because really there is no work space and no supplies in there, but I always find my self working in there on top of the dryer(?) so I really want it to look great.

I told the husband that I wanted to redo the laundry room and I got that "seriously!" look, so I don't know if he is going to love this or not (actually I know that he won't but he pretty much let me do what I want).  The reason that he doesn't want me to mess with the laundry room is because I have repainted that room like 3 time and I have changed the flooring once.  But the flooring needed to go, we had ugly blue berber a bathroom...and a laundry room...who does that?  We replaced it with tile that I still love.  I picked a light brown that really looked nice with the tile but when I got it up it made the trim look horrible.  I wanted to paint the trim but my husband said "no, you can't paint wood".  Why do men say this?  I mean it is wood...its not like I want to paint over 24 karat gold.  Whatever.  I needed to find a happy median that we could both be happy with.

So here is my plan:
I plan to go dark chocolate brown. 

I know that it seems like that will make my laundry room look like a cave but I think that in the end I will add enough light accents that the light/dark ration will really work well.
Then once the walls are deep chocolate brown I want to add a stencil on top just to make it a little more graphic and cool!
This is what I had in mind:

This is actually wallpaper...but it is like $200 a roll...and...that isn't happening!  So I have found some stencils that replicate this look, and they are only $60.

I think that it would look really cool and graphic if the back ground was choc brown and the trees were off white.  What do you think?

I also saw where a professional faux painter hand painted one, and that looks really great too.

I have a lot of experience painting, so I totally think that I could pull this off.  The question is how long would it take?  I don't want this to turn into a long drawn out

I also saw where another blogger had done some in her bedroom using an overhead projector...that is an idea!
So that is kind of the short term plan for my basement bathroom/laundry room...what do you think?
Have you ever stenciled?  Do you like the idea of trees on the wall, or is it done already?  Are you contemplating a bathroom remodel? 

Have a great Friday!!



  1. I love the look of stencils. I also have been wanting to stencil my bathroom, but have been dreading the process. Painting/stenciling always seems messy to me and it would probably take an entire weekend. I don't really have any experience with it but look forward to seeing how yours turns out. I like the projector idea too. But that would mean you have to go out and rent a projector? Stenciling seems easier.

  2. I like the idea of stenciling. I haven't done it myself yet...but I usually always like how it turns out in pictures I've seen! Following you now, can't wait to see how it goes!