Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Clean Up

It is hard for me to believe that another Christmas season has come and gone.  It also amazes me that every Christmas season leaves my house in such shambles!

I always clean before Christmas, and my house is usually spotless on Christmas Eve.  Come Christmas morning my house turns into a war zone that cannot be contained.  The mess inevitably spreads to every corner of the house until it looks like a scene from "Horders Buried Alive".  This year had an additional little gift, my dryer stopped drying on December 23rd.  Long story short, the appliance people had to order the part needed and my dryer just got fixed today.  Did I mention that I have three boys?  13 days without a do the math.

Needless to say between the piling dirty clothes, and the Christmas mess something had to give.  I have been trying to clean up the mess but it seemed to just multiply and reappear in some other location.  Today was the day I took back my house! 

I took down my tree and cleaned away any reminent that Christmas had ever been here.  This always leaves me a little sad...down come the lights, the glow, and the magic of Christmas.  What is left is just an ordinary house.  It is so depressing, not to mention that here in Kansas about the time that the tree comes down is when winter really hits.  We're talking -8 degrees, YAY now that is something to look forward to. 
Doesn't she look sad?  Like a girl left by her date at prom!   She was a good tree but it was time to go.  She didn't leave without a fight though, I had needles everywhere!!  You know because I got lazy and only watered the tree once when we got her... umm....Fire Hazard?

Moving my house is finally all put back together.  It got me thinking about what I want my next project to be.  Bum Bum Bum (moment of suspense).....what is it going to be?  I will let you know soon, I am still gathering ideas. 

Hope you had a great day, I am exhausted but happy that it is done!

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