Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Goals 2012

So I am not much for making "Goals" for my home.  I am kind of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl, but the Nester is having a Home Goals link party so I thought that I would throw together a list of things that I would really like to do this year.  (Disclaimer: This list is by no means all inclusive of the things that I will actually do, inversely this list may not be realistic as far as what I can actually accomplish.)

1.  I would like to redecorate/renovate all the bathrooms in my house.  We are talking 3 of them so now is a good time to refer to the disclaimer if you missed it!.
My master bathroom will take the most time and money, but it REALLY needs it.  We have carpet in the bathroom......UGH!  I know so gross...Don't judge me!!  I didn't do it, it was like that when I bought it.  Though I have lived here a while and haven't changed it.  But I have been having/raising babies and it was not high enough on the priority list.  Maybe this is the year.  Who puts carpet in the bathroom?  GROSS!!

2.  I want to get this house organized.  DUH!  Doesn't everyone have this on their list?  Pretty sure they do.   I am no exception.  To my defense, my house has like NO storage.  Aside from the attic(which is like a giant pain in the booty) and a couple of small closets I got nothin'.  So this year I want to figure it out and make it look nicer, and make it function better.

3.  Here is the big one.  I have to get all new siding done on the house.  OUCH!!  The estimate is around $21,000 I don't know about you but I don't just have that laying around.  So that is going to be big!  The good news is that I get to have the whole house repainted!!  Yay for new paint colors.  And finally I get to repaint the front door a cuter color.  It is currently blue....not my bag but whatever.

There are a few other things that I would like to accomplish, and obviously little crafty awesomeness!  But I am actually getting a little overwhelmed now looking at the task list in black and white.  Moving on!  Pictures!

                                                 Basement bathroom/laundry room.

                                   Master Bathroom...Don't judge me!!  This is real life.
                                   Boys bathroom...just needs to look cleaner, even if it is not!
She needs new siding and a paint job.
                                                   New paint for the front door too!

Again don't  judge...  sometimes a girl just has to make it "work".  I said I needed to work on it!

So there you have it, a short list of some of the goals for the year.  But who knows what will actually happen?  Thanks for looking!


I am linking up with the the Nesters 2012 Home Goals Party.

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