Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Day to a Better Me Day 14

So amongst other housey projects that I love to do I also love to work on projects with my husband.  He is a big car guy, and loves to tinker.  He and I have started a new project together that I am very excited about!! 

This is our Jeep.  Well okay technically I guess that it is his, he bought it when he was 19.  But we are married now so all that "what is mine is yours" stuff...

This Jeep used to be my husbands everyday driver.  Then he upgraded and the Jeep just sat around.  we thought about selling it but for some reason we just couldn't part with this part of our youth.

I always wanted to have a Jeep of my own.  My plan was to buy a brand new one when I graduated college.  Instead when I graduated I planned a wedding, went to work, and shortly after getting married I got pregnant.  Goodbye Jeep dreams.

That is what I thought until this summer my husband suggested that we redo it together.  Now I think that cars are cool but my home is my passion.  The truth is that I want to both fulfill my dream of cool Jeep ownership, but I also love the idea of spending more quality time with my husband. 

My husband is my best friend,  he has been since just shortly after my 15th birthday.  He and I were practically inseparable right up until parenthood.  After we had children it seemed like our time together got less and less.  I miss the old days.  If being in the garage timkering with my husband is how I get special time back I gladly say yes!!

This summer we dropped it off to get painted and today I am going to go and pick it up.  Above is what it looked like the last time that I saw it.

This is a picture that the painter sent me.  We still have a long way to go, but I really think that the journey with my husband with be the real prize. 

Making time to spend with my husband, even if it is doing something that is not quite my cup of tea will inevitably make me a better person.  Not only a better person but a better wife! 

If this is your first time here Welcome and Thanks for coming!!  Feel Free to leave a comment, it is as cool as getting my Jeep back!!


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