Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days to a Better Me Day 11

Todays topic is going to be hard for me.  It is something that I have needed to improve maybe my whole life.  So I thought that if I were going to spend a whole month blogging about and trying to improve myself then this is one thing that I have to work on.  I need to do a better job at staying in touch.  I am terrible at staying in touch.  You can ask any of my friends, if we are talking it is probably because they called me. 

I also must preface this conversation by saying that I don't like to be on the phone.  I am terrible at remembering to sit down and write a note, send a text, or send an e mail.   I also realize that this is a vital part of nurturing personal relationships, and that is why I must do better.  The problem is that for so many years now I have been busy playing mommy.  The thought of being on the phone while cleaning pooey diapers and crying kids seemed like more work than pleasure.  This can no longer be the case. 

Part of my action plan includes texting.  For a long time I have held on to to idea that sending a text is not as good as calling someone and hearing their voice.  I still think that this is true.  However, I have come to the conclusion that sending a text to let someone know that they are on my mind is far better than no communication at all.  So if texting is how I need to stay in touch...so be it.  For those that do not talk using text (ie. Mom and Dad, in laws) I am going to try very hard to check in at least once a week to make sure that everything/we/they are good (via e mail or phone call). 

I think that if I can get a handle on this issue I could quite possibly rule the world, well maybe not but it does seem like that big of a challenge.  Wish me luck, and go call your mother!

This is how I communicate (when I do). How do you?  Is anyone getting the new iPhone?  Fingers crossed I will on Friday...I broke the screen on mine the other day.  Sad face.

If this is your first time here Thanks for checking me out!!  Feel free to leave a comment, I love it when we all stay in touch!


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