Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days to a Better Me day 7

I am writing this post a little early, I have a field trip with my oldest tomorrow and won't have a chance later. 

I want to talk about Goals.  I have about a million things that I would like to do.  It seems like everyday I think of new things that I want to achieve.  I am kind of one of those girls that think climbing a mountain just to say that I did is cool.  Don't get me wrong I am far from an outdoors girl, I just like to see what I can accomplish. 

Aside from that I have a zillion things that I want to accomplish around the house.  This year I want to set down with my hubby and make a reasonable list of what is do-able.  I think that it is important to make goals, without them I don't accomplish anything.

Aside from house stuff, and aside from mountain stuff I want to commit to a goal that I have had for a long time.  I want to run a marathon.  I have always wanted to.  This weekend in my neck of the woods is a marathon called the Prairie Fire; and though I will not be running the marathon then, I do want to run it next year.  The Prairie Fire benefits the Leukemia and Lyphoma Society.  My best friends husband is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma right now so it would have extra personal significance to me.

I have a history with running, a sorted love/hate history.  So here I go making a goal to start running again and begin training for a marathon in one year.  You heard it here folks.  Now I gotta do it, right!?!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, I hope that you come again!  Feel free to leave me a comment (telling me I have lost my mind!).


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