Monday, April 30, 2012

On The Road To Achieving More!

So yesterday was a big day for me.  I ran my first half marathon...well actually I have run it on my own before but I actually competed yesterday.

Sorry about the picture quality... it was taken with my iPhone.

My Word Of The Year is Achieve, and one of the ways that I wanted to achieve more is by competing in a marathon.  Well I am not there yet but I am getting there and yesterday I proved it to myself. 

It was interesting.  It rained the whole time.  It was long...13.1 miles long.  It took me exactly 2:00:00.  Which was my goal.  Previously it took me 2:11:00.  So ultimately I was happy.  Today I can barely walk which makes me wonder how I am ever going to run twice as far.  But I guess that I will just have to figure that out. 

So what about you...have you reached any goals lately?  Do you have any goals that you are working towards?  I just love that feeling when you finally make it, don't  you?  Tell me all about it!!


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