Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Greetings my friends from somewhere off the face of the planet where I evidentally fell off to.

Actually I took a break from the electronic world during Lent.  I took a break to evaluate the things that are taking up my time to see if they are important to me still.

The thing that I found out is that blogging is an important outlet for me and quite frankly I missed you guys.  You have no idea how happy  it makes my to receive comments from you my friends. 

Even though you probably didn't receive them I was blogging in my head the whole kidding!

I also missed seeing what the rest of you were up too.  But I am happy to say that I am back and could not be more excited.

There were some significant things that happened in the last month that I will be sharing with you:

1.  I hosted a 1 year cancer survival party for my brother in law.  It turned out great and I made some cute and inexpensive table decorations that I want to tell you about.

2.  The family spent a lot of time on Pinewood Derby cars for Cub Scouts.  I have 3 boys and this will be a part of my life for the foreseeable future, so it is kind of a big deal.  I am happy to report that we had 3 winning cars.

3.  I turned 32.  Not much to say about that.

4.  I went to HAWAII!!  I have never been and I was so excited.  I got to go childless and spent some much needed alone time with the Hubs!!  I will tell you all about it.

5.  I did the Daniel Fast for Lent.  This had a big impact on how I live my life.  I also had a sabbatical from the internets, but I already mentioned that.  I will be telling you all about it and what I learned.

6.  I also got a little crafty and decorating for spring and I cannot wait to show you what I have been up to.

7.  I have been spring cleaning like a mad women.

8.  Finally I worked out like a mad women.  Not much to say about that either.

I am so glad to be back and I plan to spend a few hours catching up with you guys today.  So did I miss anything huge in the blogospere?  Anything on your blogs that I must see?  Let me know so I won't miss it.



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