Saturday, September 24, 2011

Staple Gun frustrations!

So along with desperately trying to figure out the whole blog thing I am also in the middle of trying to reupholster a chair.  Not the one that I mentioned before, an awesome Goodwill desk chair from the 40's that I got for $10.  I will hopefully have a post all about it as soon as I can figure out how to post pictures, or how to get them off my phone and camera.  Until that happens I do have one thing on my mind that I would like to discuss.  Why is it that with all of the technological advancements that we cannot have a staple gun that actually gets the staple/brad all the way in?  If I wanted to hammer a bunch of stuff I would do it the right way and use upholstery tacks.  I have now taken a vow to invent a staple gun that actually works!!  Did you hear that staple gun guys, I am coming for ya.  Watch out.
(Disclaimer:  I have no intention/know how to invent a staple gun that actually works.  I do however have frustration and making threats seems to make it feel better)  Back to upholstery and smashing my thumb and forefinger with the hammer because I stink at hammering and I don't have a staple gun that actually works!

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