Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Exactly What I Was Thinking...

So do you remember the other day when I was whining about discussing my mantel and how I didn't know what to do with it in this in between season?  

Well this last weekend my Hubby did a little redecorating of the fireplace...and I am not sure that this is what I had in mind for the mantel...

Hmmm....Now I really don't know how to decorate the mantel.  This guy is named Steve, and we just got him back from the taxidermist on Saturday.  He is my husbands trophy from 2010. 

I am happy that my husband is so happy, but Steve doesn't quite fill up the space...not to mention that it kinda lends toward a lodge look in my house (not exactly my thing).  This is not Steves final resting place, he really lives in the man cave in the basement so in a few weeks he will be leaving.  But the Husband is so proud that he just wanted to display him prominently for a while.  Meanwhile, I just cannot help but chuckle to myself.  I guess it is a small thing to make the Hubs happy...right!?!

Have you ever had to make any design sacrifices for the significant other?  Are there any animal heads prominently displayed in your living room?  Are you a fan of taxidermy? 

Have a great day!!


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