Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Preparations Have Begun!

I got my husband back on Veterans day, how appropriate is that?! 
We made cute little signs, but of course not everyone can cooperate. 

So the day after he got home I had him on the roof hanging Christmas lights. 

You see I have lived in this house for almost 8 years and I have never gotten Christmas lights hung.  The husband is always gone right before Christmas and he is going to be gone again before x-mas this year, so I had to seize my opportunity!! 

I am not going to turn them on until Thanksgiving, I am just relieved that they are up and I am fully participating this year.

This is him on the tallest part of our house, which he hated but did anyway just for me!!
So I was just wondering if you had started the Christmas decorating or if you are waiting for December?

I have been crafting my booty off around here.  I did an entire surprise Christmas makeover for my sister that I cannot wait to share with you, more on that later.

If this is your first time visiting, Thanks for coming by!!  Feel free to leave me a comment, I will read them after I finish hot glueing some beautiful!


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